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MivaCon Blades Awards

Celebrating 8 years of ecommerce excellence.

8 Years of Ecommerce Excellence

One of the most important duties we assume as a SaaS provider and ecommerce partner is making sure our merchants’ stores stay engaging (and, of course, operational) at all times. This is why, for us, server integrity is kind of a big deal.

When we decided to start formally celebrating ecommerce excellence—with ceremonies, trophies, the whole deal—we wanted to make sure we gave a nod to the technology behind the magic. So we named this award to honor the humble server blade, the backbone of the systems that literally keep the lights on.

For 7 years, the Blades Awards has celebrated the effort and ingenuity behind the web’s most spectacular websites. So far, 29 best-in-class online stores have received one of our prestigious ecommerce awards.

Blades Awards Categories

How it works: Four eligible nominees in each awards category (Most Improved Website, Best Website Feature, Best Website: Small Business Class, and Best Website: Enterprise Class) will be selected as finalists and winners are announced live during the Blades Awards ceremony at the conclusion of MivaCon Digital Day 2020.

Most Improved Website

The Most Improved Website category celebrates sites that leverage next-level technology and design to dramatically update and improve their stores. Learn more…

Best Website Feature

The Best Website Feature category recognizes sites that are changing the way we think about online shopping. Learn more…

Best Website: Small Business Class

The Best Website: Small Business Class category honors merchants that combine functionality and design to deliver a world-class shopping experience. Learn more…

Best Website: Enterprise Class

The Best Website: Enterprise Class award celebrates merchants who deliver seamless shopping experiences while managing the complexities of running a successful enterprise business. Learn more…

Celebrating 8 years of Ecommerce Excellence

See the 2020 Blades Awards Winners