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MivaCon Blades Awards

Best Website: Enterprise Class

For 7 years, the Blades Awards has celebrated the effort and ingenuity behind the web’s most spectacular websites.

Setting a New Industry Standard

It takes a lot to lead an industry. Whether they’re showcasing buzzworthy product merchandising or leveraging cutting-edge tools, these outstanding finalists for Best Website: Enterprise Class stay ahead of the pack by offering some of the most spectacular ecommerce experiences on the web.

Mann Lake Ltd.

Mann Lake has become the go-to source for quality beekeeping equipment, resources, and education. Their online site showcases an immersive digital catalog, an extensive video library, and an engaging “Bee Buck$” rewards program to keep customers coming back again and again.

Visit their site.

Suncoast Parts

As the first Porsche dealer to offer wholesale parts online, Suncoast’s website reflects their unique lineage. Curated products, effortless website navigation, and customized kits are just a few of the things that make Suncoast Parts stand out from the competition.

Check out their site.

Diesel Power Products

Diesel Power Products provides a premier shopping experience for diesel performance parts customers. Unique product descriptions and sophisticated website imagery make DIY shoppers feel right at home when they visit the Diesel Power Products website.

Visit their site.

Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka’s line of research-driven skincare products is showcased beautifully in their superb online storefront. Clean design, educational wellness content, and interactive product match tools create a therapeutic online experience that blends perfectly with their product promise.

Check out their site.

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